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BALANCING PRIORITIES: Preservation and Neighborhood Opportunity in the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit Program Beyond Year 30 ANDREW AURAND, PhD., MSW NLIHC Vice President for Research DAN EMMANUEL, MSW NLIHC Senior Research Analyst ABOUT NLIHC: Established in 1974 by Cushing N. Dolbeare, the National Low Income Housing Coalition is dedicated solely to achieving socially just public policy that assures people with the lowest incomes in the United States have affordable and decent homes. NLIHC educates, organizes, and advocates to ensure decent, affordable housing for everyone. KEELY STATER, PhD PAHRC Director of Research and Industry Intelligence KELLY MCELWAIN PAHRC Research Analyst III ABOUT PAHRC: The Public and Affordable Housing Research Corporation (PAHRC) at HAI Group is a non-pro t research center dedicated to conducting research that promotes the national conversation about the importance of affordable housing. PAHRC spotlights the impact, outcomes, and value affordable housing brings to the families it serves and to the communities it supports, delivering data and tools that assist researchers, practitioners, and advocates to build an evidence-based case for why affordable housing matters. For more information, visit Public and Affordable Housing Research Corporation 189 Commerce Court • PO Box 189 Cheshire,CT06410 203-272-8220 • Design by Ellen Errico, NLIHC Creative Services Manager The National Low Income Housing Coalition 1000 Vermont Avenue, NW • Suite 500 Washington,DC 20005 202-662-1530 • © 2018 NLIHC and PAHRC NATIONAL LOW INCOME HOUSING COALITION AND THE PUBLIC AND AFFORDABLE HOUSING RESEARCH CORPORATION 2 

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