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NLIHC Housing Advocacy Organizer

Justin Godard
202.662.1530 x233 | [email protected]

State Partners

Low Income Housing Coalition of Alabama (c/o Collaborative Solutions)
PO Box 130159
Birmingham, AL 35213-0159
Phone: 205-939-0411
Website: www.lihca.org | www.alabamahousingtrustfund.org
Ms. Ashley Kerr, Community Initiatives Manager | [email protected]ihca.org

Alabama Arise
PO Box 1188
Montgomery, AL 36104
Phone: 334-832-9060
Website: www.alarise.org
Dev Wakeley, Housing Policy Analyst | [email protected]
Robyn Hyden, Executive Director | [email protected]

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National Housing Trust FundHTF Implementation Information:

NLIHC continues working with leaders in each state and the District of Columbia who will mobilize advocates in support of HTF allocation plans that benefit ELI renters to the greatest extent possible. Please contact the point person coordinating with NLIHC in your state (below) to find out about the public participation process and how you can be involved. Email Tori Bourret with any questions.

State Designated Entity

Robert Strickland
Executive Director
Alabama Housing Finance Authority
[email protected]

Official directly involved with HTF implementation:

David Young
Multifamily Administrator
[email protected]

NLIHC Point Persons for HTF Advocacy:

Ashley Kerr
Community Project Manager
Low Income Housing Coalition of Alabama
205-939-0411 ext. 215    
[email protected]ihca.org

State Resources


Final 2018 HTF Allocation Plan (PDF)

Draft HTF Allocation Plan (PDF)


Final HTF Allocation Plan (PDF)

Public Comments and State Response to Draft HTF Allocation Plan (PDF)

2018 Application Workshop slides (PDF)

Draft 2017 HTF Allocation Plan (PDF)

Notice of public hearing (PDF)

HUD-Approved 2017 HTF Allocation Plan (PDF)


HUD-Approved HTF Allocation Plan (PDF)

September 23, 2016 Revised Allocation Plan by Alabama Housing Finance Authority (PDF)

Public Comments Submitted to AHFA by the Low Income Housing Coalition of Alabama (PDF)

Draft Allocation Plan by Alabama Housing Finance (PDF)

Alabama-specific model Allocation Plan by NLIHC (PDF)

Recording of NLIHC’s Alabama-specific Allocation Plan advocacy webinar dated April 21, 2016 (MP4)

Slides from NLIHC Alabama-specific Allocation Plan advocacy webinar dated April 21, 2016 (PDF)

HTF Model Allocation Plan (PDF)

NLIHC Summary of HTF Allocation Plan Draft (PDF)

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