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NLIHC Housing Advocacy Organizer

Joey Lindstrom
202.662.1530 x222 | jlindstrom@nlihc.org

State Partner

Alaska Coalition on Housing and Homelessness
319 Seward Street, Suite 7
Juneau, AK 99801
Phone: 907-523-0660
Fax: 334-832-9061
Website: www.alaskahousing-homeless.org
Brian Wilson, Executive Director | director@alaskahousing-homeless.org

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National Housing Trust FundHTF Implementation Information:

NLIHC continues working with leaders in each state and the District of Columbia who will mobilize advocates in support of HTF allocation plans that benefit ELI renters to the greatest extent possible. Please contact the point person coordinating with NLIHC in your state (below) to find out about the public participation process and how you can be involved. Email Joseph Lindstrom with any questions.

Alaska subgrants a portion of the state’s HTF allocation to the Municipality of Anchorage (MOA). The Alaska Housing Finance Corporation (AHFC), as the state designated entity, allocates the remainder to projects in areas outside of Anchorage. In FY16, MOA received $545,085; AHFC indicates its intent to subgrant $545,085 to Anchorage in FY17. As a subgrantee, Anchorage must have its own local HTF Allocation Plan.

NLIHC Point Person for HTF Advocacy:

Brian Wilson
Executive Director
Alaska Coalition on Housing and Homelessness

State Designated Entity

Bryan M. Butcher
Alaska Housing Finance Corporation

Official Directly Involved with HTF Implementation

Andi Petroni
GOAL Program Manager

State Resources


Amendment to 2017 HTF Allocation Plan allowing MOA to use HTF for rehab (PDF)

Draft Annual Action Plan (PDF)


Amendment to 2016 HTF Allocation Plan allowing MOA to use HTF for rehab (PDF)

Consolidated Plan amended to include HTF (PDF)

Alaska’s HTF resources are to be allocated through the state’s Greater Opportunities for Affordable Living (GOAL) program. More information about GOAL can be found at: http://bit.ly/29449Pb

Alaska Housing Finance Corporation response to public comments (PDF)

HTF Model Allocation Plan (PDF)

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City Staff Person Administering HTF
Lawrence Stokes
Housing Programs Specialist
Department of Health and Human Service
Housing and Community Services Division
Community Safety and Development


Draft Annual Action Plan (PDF)


Draft Annual Action Plan, Substantial Amendment #1 (PDF)