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NLIHC Outreach Associate

Tori Bourret 
vbourret@nlihc.org | 202.662.1530 x244

State Partner

Oklahoma Coalition for Affordable Housing
P.O. Box 58
Oklahoma City, OK 73101
Phone: 405-418-6224
Gregory A. Shinn, MSW, President;  gshinn@mhaok.org

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National Housing Trust FundHTF Implementation Information:

NLIHC continues working with leaders in each state and the District of Columbia who will mobilize advocates in support of HTF allocation plans that benefit ELI renters to the greatest extent possible. Please contact the point person coordinating with NLIHC in your state (below) to find out about the public participation process and how you can be involved. Email Sarah Jemison with any questions.

NLIHC Point Person for HTF Advocacy:

Greg Shinn    
Board Member
Oklahoma Affordable Housing Coalition

State Designated Entity

Dennis Shockley
Executive Director
Oklahoma Housing Finance Agency

Official Directly Involved with HTF Implementation

Darcy Green
Housing Development Program Supervisor

State Resources


2017 Draft HTF Allocation Plan {Appendix E of draft 2017 ConPlan Action Plan} (PDF)

Notice of Informal Public Input Sessions for Action Plan (PDF)

Notice of availability of 2017 HTF Application (PDF)

2017 HTF Application (PDF)


OHFA Announces 2016 HTF Awards (PDF)

2016 HTF Awards (PDF)

HUD-approved HTF Allocation Plan (PDF)

Draft HTF Application by Oklahoma Housing Finance Agency (PDF)

HTF Model Allocation Plan (PDF)

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