The Sheila Crowley Housing Justice Award is named for former NLIHC President & CEO Sheila Crowley. The Crowley award goes to an outstanding leader who has elevated the conversation around affordable housing for the lowest income people in America. The award is presented at NLIHC's Annual Housing Leadership Awards Reception.

Jennifer Ho

Sheila Crowley Housing Justice Award: Jennifer Leimaile Ho

Jennifer Leimaile Ho will receive the Sheila Crowley Housing Justice Award, named after former NLIHC President and CEO Sheila Crowley, who led NLIHC for more than 17 years. Jennifer Ho will receive the Crowley Award for her outstanding work to end homelessness and housing poverty in the U.S. since 1999 at Hearth Connection, USICH, HUD, the Minnesota Housing Finance Agency, and beyond.

Past Sheila Crowley Crowley Housing Justice Award Winners

2019: Dr. Mitchell Katz