Page 21 - THE GAP: The Affordable Housing Gap Analysis 2019
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THE GAP householder’s spouse (if applicable) were younger than 62 and unemployed; (4) non-senior non- disabled householder and/or householder’s spouse (if applicable) were working; (5) householder and householder’s spouse (if applicable) were enrolled in school; (6) non-senior non-disabled single adult was living with a young child under seven years of age or person with disability. More information about the ACS PUMS  les is A SHORTAGE OF AFFORDABLE HOMES, 2019 NATIONAL LOW INCOME HOUSING COALITION 17 available at surveys/acs/technical-documentation/pums/about. html FOR MORE INFORMATION For further information regarding this report and the methodology, please contact Andrew Aurand, NLIHC Vice President for Research, at [email protected] or 202-662-1530 x245. 

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