NHLP to Hold Webinar on Crime-Free Programs and Nuisance Property Ordinances

The National Housing Law Project (NHLP) will conduct a webinar, “Crime-Free Programs and Nuisance Property Ordinances: How Their Enforcement May Implicate Civil Rights and Other Laws,” on Thursday, August 12 at 2 pm ET.

Many local governments have enacted some form of crime-free housing program or nuisance property ordinance. While the stated intent of these laws and programs is to reduce the amount of criminal activity in communities, they can cause long-lasting harm for renters, especially survivors of violence and people in other protected classes. The webinar will explain how these local ordinances may run afoul of federal and state laws, deter survivors of violence from seeking help, and undermine public safety and efforts within a community to increase racial equity. Speakers will discuss a recent settlement between HUD and a local government regarding its crime-free program and nuisance property ordinance.

Presenters include:

  • Kate Walz, senior attorney, NHLP
  • Nathanael Hill, lead equal opportunity specialist, HUD
  • Mariel Block, moderator, staff attorney, NHLP

The webinar will be held on Thursday, August 11 at 2 pm ET. Register at https://bit.ly/3ij6rgW