Going Viral, Bringing the UFH Campaign to New Audiences

United For Homes“Going viral” is no longer just a medical term. In the digital world, going viral means spreading your content and “infecting” large numbers of people, inducing emotions and action. NLIHC provides tools to help advocates make the United for Homes (UFH) campaign go viral.

The UFH campaign calls for modest reforms to the mortgage interest deduction (MID) to ensure everyone in America has access to affordable and stable homes. Tools to help advocates spread the UFH message to the media and to educate people outside of the housing advocacy community are available on the “Resources” page on the UFH website under the “Gain Attention” section.

The Gain Attention section provides a Media Toolkit, Twitter and Facebook Images, and the UFH Logo. Users can download UFH images and include them, for example, in a tweet to a member of Congress or on a poster for a rally. Research shows that sharing images on social media generates a more compelling and stronger impression than sharing text alone. 

The Media Toolkit is a resource that can be used when discussing the campaign with the media. It includes:

  • An overview and talking points about the United for Homes campaign
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Sample Facebook posts and tweets
  • A press release template
  • A sample op-ed

Visit the UFH campaign website at: http://www.unitedforhomes.org/