September 22 is National Renters’ Day of Action

Tenant and housing justice groups and allies in over 45 cities across the country will take to the streets for the National Renters’ Day of Action on September 22. The day of action is being coordinated by Homes For All (, a national campaign of housing and land justice organizations formed in 2013 to advance the belief that all people have a human right to housing. 

Homes For All has released a number of national demands in advance of the day of action including a freeze on unjust evictions and rent increases, the adoption of a livable rent standard to ensure no family pays more than 30% of income on rent, the right of all tenants to organize without fear of eviction or retaliation, and the transfer of vacant, underused and foreclosed land to community control to create affordable housing and meet other community needs.  

“The Renters’ Day of Action will be the largest and most significant mobilization of renters in recent history. In almost every region across the country rents are rising astronomically, unjust evictions and homelessness are reaching epidemic levels,” says Darnell Johnson of Right to the City Boston, which is planning a citywide march. “We are in a national renter crisis. The time is now for mass direct action and urgent solutions at the local, state, regional and national levels to resolve this crisis.”

For more information on demands and a list of all actions planned, go to:

For personal stories of families impacted by the renter state of emergency:

For media inquiries, contact: Malcolm Torrejón Chu, [email protected] 718-666-6872