Why President-Elect Trump Should Invest in Affordable Housing Infrastructure

As a candidate, President-elect Trump stated that a large-scale investment in infrastructure would be a top priority for his incoming administration. To maximize this investment’s impact on long-term economic growth, NLIHC strongly urges that any infrastructure package include resources to increase the supply of affordable housing for families with the lowest incomes. This includes an expansion of the national Housing Trust Fund, increased funding to rehabilitate and repair public housing, and additional Housing Choice Vouchers, among others.

Investing in affordable housing infrastructure—through new construction and preservation—will bolster productivity and economic growth, provide long-term assets that connect low-income families to communities of opportunity and economic mobility, and support local job creation and increased incomes.

The connection between affordable housing and infrastructure is clear: like roads and bridges, affordable housing is a long-term asset that helps communities and families thrive. Increasing the supply of affordable housing—especially in areas connected to good schools, well-paying jobs, healthcare, and transportation—helps families climb the economic ladder and leads to greater community development.

Research shows that the shortage of affordable housing costs the American economy about $2 trillion a year in lower wages and productivity. High housing costs constrain opportunities for families to increase earnings and slows GDP growth. And each dollar invested in affordable housing infrastructure boosts local economies by leveraging public and private resources to generate income and local tax revenues while creating jobs.

See NLIHC’s factsheet on housing and infrastructure at: http://bit.ly/2fDBAIX