Coronavirus Working

NLIHC is providing new opportunities for local, state, and national organizations to dive deeper into the critical issues facing our communities during the coronavirus pandemic.

For the past several weeks, NLIHC’s Disaster Housing Recovery Coalition (DHRC) has been hosting weekly national calls to share information about the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on people experiencing homelessness and America’s lowest-income renters, as well as the responses being carried out by federal, state, and local governments, homeless service providers, housing providers, and advocates. There has been enormous interest in these calls – each week, over 2,000-2,500 people have registered to participate – and we are hearing from our partners in communities across the nation who want additional opportunities to engage, share, learn from each other, and discuss further actions that are needed.

We invite you to continue to participate in our standing weekly national calls and working groups, as well as some new working groups we have created to address emerging issues related to the pandemic, housing and homelessness. Register for the national call and working groups below!


  • Mondays

    DHRC National Coronavirus, Housing and Homelessness Calls 

    Tuesday at 2:30 p.m. EST

    On these DHRC national calls, we will hear from organizations in the field about pressing and emerging issues, learn more about the needs facing marginalized populations, share lessons learned and best practices, get updates from members of Congress and federal agencies, and provide other updates on federal resources and advocacy opportunities.

    • Welcome, Overview of New Information, Resources
      • Diane Yentel, National Low Income Housing Coalition
    • Intersection of Health and Housing during COVID-19
      • Dr. Megan Sandel, Children’s HealthWatch
    • State and Local Efforts to Address Housing Stability
      • Oregon State Representative Alissa Keny-Guyer
    • Field Updates
      • Tara Rollins, Utah Housing Coalition
      • Gavin Thornton, Hawaii Appleseed Center for Law and Economic Justice
      • Randy Shaw, San Francisco’s Tenderloin Housing Clinic
    • Home Repair Organizations, COVID-19 and Declining Volunteer Availability
      • Becca Davis, Reframe
    • Needs of Survivors of Domestic Violence
      • Renee Williams, National Housing Law Project
    • Update and Needed Action on Advancing our Priorities in Next Coronavirus Spending Bill
      • Sarah Saadian, NLIHC
      • Joey Lindstrom, NLIHC
    • Leveraging the Media
      • Jos Linn, RESULTS
    • Updates from COVID-19 Working Groups
      • Noah Patton, NLIHC, “Working with FEMA” Work Group
      • Kim Johnson, NLIHC, “State and Local Implementation” Work Group
    • Questions, Answers, Next Steps

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  • Tuesdays

    Legislative Working Group 

    Tuesdays at 12:30 p.m. EST

    The DHRC legislative working group focuses on the strategies and tactics needed to move legislation forward in Congress, including the DHRC’s policy recommendations for the next federal coronavirus-response package. These calls are best suited for those who regularly engage in federal advocacy.

    *This call is closed to the press and will not be recorded.

    Register for the Legislative Working Group at: 

    Working with FEMA Working Group 

    Tuesdays at 3:00 p.m. EST

    The FEMA working group provides an opportunity to share lessons learned and best practices for organizations working with FEMA to address the needs of people experiencing homelessness during the pandemic. The working group will benefit from the DHRC’s years-long experience working with FEMA on past disasters and will help identify federal policy changes needed to improve FEMA’s disaster homelessness and housing recovery efforts.

    The first Working with FEMA working group call is scheduled for Tuesday, April 21.

    *This call is closed to the press and will not be recorded.

    Register at:

  • Wednesdays

    State/Local Implementation Working Group 

    Wednesdays at 3:00 p.m. EST

    The state and local implementation working group will provide opportunities to share lessons learned and best practices as organizations work to respond to the housing needs of people experiencing homelessness and the lowest-income renters. This working group will track how federal resources provided under the CARES Act, including HUD funding, unemployment insurance, and stimulus checks, are reaching those individuals with the greatest needs and will identify needed policy changes. Participants will also share practical guidance on how to use this opportunity to address racial equity issues and serve marginalized populations, including people with criminal records and undocumented immigrants.

    The first state/local implementation working group call is scheduled for Wednesday, April 22.

    *This call is closed to the press and will not be recorded.

    Register at:

    CHCDF/DHRC Webinar on CARES Act and Homelessness/Affordable Housing

    Wednesday, April 23 at 1:00 p.m. ET

    Join members of NLIHC’s Campaign for Housing and Community Development Funding and Disaster Housing Recovery Coalition on April 23 at 1:00 p.m. ET for a webinar on opportunities for advocates and state and local governments to meet the immediate and long-term housing needs of low-income communities and people experiencing homelessness.

    Find Webinar Recording Here

  • Thursdays

    Puerto Rico Working Group 

    Every other Thursday at 3:00 p.m. EST

    The Puerto Rico working group has been meeting since Hurricanes Irma and Maria devastated the island and has continued through the recent earthquakes and now the pandemic. This working group is facilitated by the DHRC, but it is led by advocates and organizations working in Puerto Rico.

    *This call is closed to the press and will not be recorded.

    Register for the Puerto Rico working group at:

  • Fridays

    Long-Term Solutions Working Group 

    Fridays at 3:00 p.m. EST, beginning May 8

    The working group on long-term solutions will focus on ways to redesign America’s broken federal disaster housing recovery efforts. DHRC published a report outlining many of the ways in which the federal disaster housing response framework reinforces racial, income, and accessibility inequities, and last fall, the DHRC held an in-person two-day convening with 70 of our most active partners to brainstorm ways to reimagine a federal disaster housing framework that centers on the needs of people of color, people with disabilities, America’s lowest-income households, and other marginalized individuals. This working group will identify policy changes that are needed in a large-scale coronavirus response package and other reforms to ensure resources reach those individuals with the greatest needs.

    *This call is closed to the press and will not be recorded.

    Register at:

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