The Protecting Tenants at Foreclosure Act, which expired at the end of 2014, enabled renters whose homes were in foreclosure to remain in their homes for at least 90 days or for the term of their lease, whichever was greater. Making the PTFA permanent is an NLIHC policy priority.

The National Housing Law Project has compiled information on renter protection laws at foreclosure from 47 states plus the District of Columbia. Nine states and the District of Columbia have renter protection at foreclosure laws equal or surpassing those provided by the PTFA. Two states provide 60 days’ notice of eviction. Three states provide 30 days’ notice of eviction. Three states provide 10 days’ notice of eviction. Two states provide five days’ notice of eviction. One state provides three days’ notice of eviction. Eight states allow immediate eviction of renters at foreclosure. Nineteen states have no specific protection for renters at foreclosure.

Article and survey by the National Law Center on Homelessness and Poverty:

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March 30, 2020

President Signs Coronavirus Package with Funding for Homelessness and Housing

Congress passed and President Trump signed into law a $2 trillion direct spending bill to respond to the coronavirus pandemic. The bill passed out of the Senate the evening of March 25 on a unanimous vote, passed the House by voice vote March 27, and was signed into law by the president the same…

March 30, 2020

USDA and VA Issue Guidance on Foreclosures and Evictions

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) announced on March 20 that it would be suspending foreclosures on borrowers with USDA Single-Family Housing Direct (SFHD) loans and on evictions of households in SFHD-secured properties for 60 days. The department also issued guidance to stakeholders on…

March 23, 2020

Administration Suspends Foreclosures and Evictions on Certain Properties

The Trump administration announced on March 18 that foreclosures and evictions for Federal Housing Administration (FHA)-backed mortgages for single family properties would be suspended for the next 60 days. The guidance instructs mortgage servicers to suspend both new foreclosures and foreclosures…