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April 22, 2019

NLIHC Modifies Preliminary Summary of HUD’s Proposed Section 3 Rule

HUD published the long-awaited update to the 1994 interim Section 3 rule on April 4 (see Memo, 4/8). NLIHC prepared a comprehensive preliminary summary and initial analysis of those proposed changes (see Memo, 4/15). NLIHC has modified its comprehensive summary and has prepared a separate summary…

April 22, 2019

NLIHC and Partners Submit Comments on Proposed LIHTC Data Collection Forms

NLIHC, the Public and Assisted Housing Research Corporation (PAHRC), the National Housing Law Project (NHLP), and Regional Housing Legal Services (RHLS) submitted comments on April 11 to HUD responding to the department’s proposed changes to the Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) tenant and…