Disaster Housing Recovery Educational Resources

Since the 2017 hurricanes and wildfires, FEMA has failed to meet the long-term housing needs of disaster survivors by refusing to implement proven solutions, like the Disaster Housing Assistance Program (DHAP). By providing direct rental assistance and case management, DHAP helps the lowest income survivors get back on their feet. In response to the mischaracterizations in FEMA's Fact Sheet: Myths vs. Facts - FEMA's Transitional Sheltering Assistance Program, the Disaster Housing Recovery Coalition is setting the record straight.


"Long-Term Rental Recovery after Superstorm Sandy"

A Case Study of Highly Impacted Communities in New Jersey after Superstorm Sandy

"Fixing America’s Broken Disaster Housing Recovery System"

Part 1: Barriers to a Complete and Equitable Recovery


"Setting the Record Straight"

FEMA's Failure to Address Long Term Housing Needs of Survivors

Disaster Housing Assistance Program for Hurricane Maria Survivors

Disaster Rental Assistance Programs at FEMA and HUD

"Reforming Disaster Recovery Act 2019"

Reforming Disaster Recovery Act of 2019

"The Housing Impacts of Major Disasters"

Impact of the 2018 California Wildfires

Impact of Hurricane Harvey

Impact of Hurricane Maria

Impact of Hurricane Michael

FEMA's Failure to Address Long Term Housing Needs

Remembering Hurricane Maria: Where are we two years later--Originally aired September 12, 2019.

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