Federal Eviction Moratoriums

federal eviction moratorium issued by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) took effect on September 4, extending vital protections to tens of millions of renters at risk of eviction for nonpayment of rent during the global pandemic.

To be protected, qualified renters facing eviction should immediately provide a signed declaration to their landlords. For more details about the moratorium and a sample declaration that renters can use, read NLIHC’s and NHLP’s Overview of National Eviction Moratorium and our National Eviction Moratorium: FAQ for Renters.



The CARES Act requires landlords to provide a 30-day notice to tenants prior to eviction. This Act covers properties supported by HUD, USDA, and Treasury (Low Income Housing Tax Credit), and properties with federally-backed mortgages (e.g., FHA, Fannie Mae, and Freddie Mac).

This searchable database and map allow some renters to identify if their home is covered by the CARES Act. These tools contain data on millions of apartments in multifamily housing insured by the Federal Housing Administration or securitized by Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac, and millions more supported by the Low Income Housing Tax Credit, HUD, and/or USDA programs. For better speed, we recommend using the Table to search by ZIP code or city. The database and map are not comprehensive; they do not include data on single-family rental homes of one to four units that are also covered under the CARES Act, and they do not include all Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac multifamily mortgages. When NLIHC obtains these additional data we will update the tools.

Moratorias Federales de Desalojo

Una moratoria federal de desalojo emitida por los Centros para el Control de Enfermedades (CDC) entró en vigencia el 4 de septiembre, extendiendo protecciones vitales a decenas de millones de inquilinos en riesgo de desalojo por no pagar el alquiler durante la pandemia global.

Para estar protegidos, los inquilinos calificados que enfrentan un desalojo deben proporcionar inmediatamente una declaración firmada a sus propietarios. Para obtener más detalles sobre la moratoria y una declaración de muestra que los inquilinos pueden usar, lea nuestra Moratoria Nacional de Desalojo: Preguntas frecuentes para inquilinos



La Ley CARES requiere que los propietarios proporcionen un aviso de 30 días a los inquilinos antes del desalojo. Esta ley cubre las propiedades respaldadas por HUD, USDA y el Tesoro (crédito fiscal para viviendas de bajos ingresos), y propiedades con hipotecas respaldadas por el gobierno federal (por ejemplo, FHA, Fannie Mae y Freddie Mac). Esta base de datos y este mapa con capacidad de búsqueda permiten a algunos inquilinos identificar si su casa está cubierta por la Ley CARES. Estas herramientas contienen datos sobre millones de apartamentos en viviendas multifamiliares asegurados por la Administración Federal de Vivienda (FHA) o titulizados por Fannie Mae o Freddie Mac, y millones más apoyados por los programas de Crédito Tributario para Viviendas de Bajos Ingresos (LIHTC), HUD y / o USDA. Para una mejor velocidad, recomendamos usar la Tabla para buscar por código postal o ciudad. La base de datos y el mapa no son completos; no incluyen datos sobre viviendas unifamiliares de alquiler de una a cuatro unidades que también están cubiertas por la Ley CARES, y no incluyen todas las hipotecas multifamiliares de Fannie Mae y Freddie Mac. Cuando NLIHC obtenga estos datos adicionales, actualizaremos las herramientas.

*Please wait and clear your browser cache if you frequently visit this page. The data dashboard below takes a moment to load and is best viewed on a desktop. You can also access the databases through our Tableau site. The link is below.

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You can also check a property's status in relation to mortgages supported by Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, or the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) using their multifamily lookup tools. The Fannie Mae tool can be found here, the Freddie Mac tool can be found here, and the FHA tool can be found here. The FHA tool includes properties with FHA multifamily mortgages or in HUD’s Multifamily programs, but not properties that are part of HUD’s Public and Indian Housing programs. There are currently no lookup tools that include rental properties of one to four units backed by Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac.

Need help? Find: local legal aid offices, rental assistancecommunity resources, or local bar associations.

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and the National Low Income Housing Coalition disclaim any and all liability for erroneous results, including but not limited to erroneous information resulting from potential property addresses nomenclature discrepancies.

Users are prohibited from redistributing, reselling, or disclosing the Data or Derived Products externally for any purpose other than helping to educate tenants that their property may be covered by the CARES Act. Users are prohibited from reselling, disclosing, or redistributing the Data or any Derived Products for any other external purposes.

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