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Setting the Record Straight on Secretary Carson’s Proposals to Cut Housing Benefits

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Washington Examiner

NLIHC President and CEO Diane Yentel published an op-ed today that sets the record straight about HUD Secretary Ben Carson’s proposals to cut housing benefits, and his ever-changing rationale for them. 

The op-ed “Ben Carson's huge cut to housing aid won't increase self-sufficiency” can be found at:

Secretary Carson’s assertion that raising rents and imposing rigid work requirements and de facto time limits for the lowest income people will result in greater “self-sufficiency” and fewer households in need of housing assistance belies the true nature of our national rental housing crisis — the widening gap between incomes and rents. His claims that the rent hikes won’t harm seniors or people with disabilities are false, as is his suggestion that low income people become “dependent” on housing assistance.

Coming just months after enacting its massive tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations, this administration’s proposals to slash housing assistance for struggling low income families appears to be nothing more than a cruel attempt to pay for those tax giveaways.

Read “Ben Carson's huge cut to housing aid won't increase self-sufficiency” at: