Action Needed: Congress Must Act to Ensure Critical COVID-19 Relief

Nearly two weeks have passed since Congress came back from August recess. Discussions on the next COVID-19 relief bill have remained stalled since Senate Republicans failed to advance their “skinny” package on September 10 (see Memo, 09/14). While the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued its much needed federal eviction moratorium—an important step in providing protections for renters and postponing a tsunami of evictions—it was only a half-measure that  creates a large financial burden on renters when the moratorium expires (see Memo, 09/08).

The bipartisan Problem Solvers Caucus, consisting of 25 House Democrats and 25 House Republicans, released its $1.5 trillion coronavirus aid plan. The Caucus plan is nearly $500 billion larger than the “skinny relief” bill defeated on September 10 and includes $25 billion in rental assistance through January 2021.

Without federal assistance, 30 to 40 million people will be at risk of losing their homes when the federal eviction moratorium ends on December 31. The only way to protect these renters is for Congress and the White House to return to the negotiating table and work out a deal now.

NLIHC encourages members and partners to reach out to your members of Congress and tell them they must act now to ensure housing stability during and after the pandemic. Urge your members of Congress to pass legislation that includes NLIHC’s top priorities:

  • A national, uniform moratorium on all evictions for nonpayment of rent
  • At least $100 billion in emergency rental assistance through the "Emergency Rental Assistance and Rental Market Stabilization Act” and housing vouchers
  • $11.5 billion to help prevent and respond to outbreaks among people experiencing homelessness

Read NLIHC’s list of priorities for the next relief package at:

Read the CDC order at:

See NLIHC’s and NHLP’s “Overview of the National Eviction Moratorium” at:

See NLIHC’s and NHLP’s FAQ for renters at: