Add Your Organization to Letter Urging President-Elect Biden to Keep Families Housed!

Join NLIHC and over 1,500 organizations and elected officials across the country by signing your organization on to a national letter urging President-elect Biden to issue an Executive Order that extends, improves, and enforces the federal eviction moratorium through the end of the pandemic. The letter is open to all local, state, and national organizations and elected officials and will close on January 15.

Without immediate action from the incoming Biden administration, tens of millions of low-income renters will be at risk of losing their homes on February 1 when the CDC-issued eviction moratorium expires. The consequences would be devastating – for children and families, for communities, and for our country’s ability to contain the surging pandemic.

Add your organization to and share the letter widely before the January 15 deadline!

Note: Organizations and elected officials that already signed the previous letter to the CDC do not need to resign this letter to the incoming Biden administration. To see if your organization is already listed, visit:

If you signed the letter to the CDC and want to opt out of this letter, please email us at: [email protected]