Additional Disaster Housing Recovery Updates – March 8, 2021

The NLIHC-led Disaster Housing Recovery Coalition is convening and supporting disaster-impacted communities to ensure that federal disaster recovery efforts reach all impacted households, including the lowest-income and most marginalized people who are often the hardest-hit by disasters and have the fewest resources to recover.      

Learn more about the DHRC’s policy recommendations here.  


Axios outlines the urgent need for the Biden administration to pass an infrastructure bill that would strengthen the country’s resilience in the face of climate change and other shocks. Housing is a critical national infrastructure in desperate need of upgrades: the U.S. simply does not have the capacity to shelter the millions of people who might lose their homes in the next major catastrophe.

Winter Storm

The Austin-Travis County Emergency Operations Center has released several resources for Austin residents impacted by the severe winter storm. Austin residents can visit the Cold Weather Information and Resources page for information about available assistance programs.

Texas homeowners and renters in 18 additional counties who suffered damage from the winter storm may now apply for disaster assistance with FEMA.

FEMA announced Oklahoma homeowners and renters in the 16 counties designated for individual assistance may now apply for federal disaster assistance.

Resource: FEMA Fact Sheet: Winter Storm Damage? Here is What FEMA Assistance May Cover

Hurricane Zeta

Residents who have received FEMA rental assistance in response to Hurricane Zeta and cannot return to their primary residence can apply for Continued Temporary Housing Assistance to FEMA.

Wildfires in the West

FEMA has begun moving Manufactured Housing Units (MHUs) onto a newly constructed site in Lincoln City that will provide temporary housing to qualified survivors. To date, 106 survivors and their families have been licensed-in to temporary housing units from FEMA. Currently, 264 qualified families are scheduled to receive FEMA Direct Temporary Housing in the five counties.