Attorney General Garland Urges Legal Community to Take Action to Prevent Evictions

Attorney General Merrick Garland sent a letter on August 30 calling on the legal community to volunteer to confront the ongoing housing and eviction crisis. The letter urges members of the legal profession to use their knowledge and skills to ensure that people can stay in their homes and that eviction proceedings are carried out in a fair and just manner. The letter includes link to a video of Attorney General Garland calling on the legal community to take action.

The letter outlines specific steps lawyers and law students can take to support tenants, landlords, and courts during this crisis, including by helping applicants access the federal emergency rental assistance (ERA) program, volunteering with local legal aid organizations, and helping local courts implement eviction diversion programs. In a June 24 letter and a meeting on August 11 with nearly 40 state chief justices, Attorney General Garland and Associate Attorney General Vanita Gupta encouraged state courts to adopt eviction diversion strategies.

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