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Like many of you, my home is the center of my family. It’s where my husband and I are raising our two boys – where we play and study, read books and sign songs, where we sit around the dinner table every evening sharing stories from our day. Home is where I sing lullabies to help my sons fall asleep, where we all rest and renew. Our safe, affordable home is our sanctuary – it’s what makes all of our efforts and achievements outside of home possible.

Too many of the poorest families in our country don’t have that same safety and security. At NLIHC, we work hard every day to ensure that every family and every person has an opportunity to live in decent, safe and affordable homes. We advocate to protect and expand critical affordable housing programs that serve the lowest income people like the National Housing Trust Fund, Section 8 vouchers and public housing. And with a shortage of over seven million homes affordable and available for the lowest income people, we have our work cut out for us.

Our work wouldn’t be possible without our members. Our members are our strength in numbers, and provide important financial support. September is membership month at the NLIHC, so there’s no better time to join us in our efforts. Please join the National Low Income Housing Coalition today. If you’re already a member – thank you for your support and dedication. Please help us increase our members by urging your friends, family and colleagues to also join!

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