Bring America Home Now Campaign Announces June 23 Congressional Briefing on Homelessness

The Bring America Home Now campaign, led by the National Coalition for the Homeless, will hold a congressional briefing, “Ending Homelessness in America: Challenges and Solutions,” on June 23 at 12:30 pm ET. The briefing aims to inform members of Congress and the public about the policies needed to “solve the homelessness and affordable housing crisis” and provide solutions “based on proven best practices [that] affirm housing as a human and civil right [and] not a privilege.”

The speakers invited to the briefing include among others:

  • Sarah Saadian, senior vice president of public policy and field organizing at NLIHC  
  • Donald Whitehead, executive director of the National Coalition for the Homeless
  • Ann Oliva, CEO of the National Alliance to End Homelessness
  • Christian Nunes, president of the National Organization for Women
  • Susie Shannon, policy director at Housing is a Human Right

Members of Congress, including U.S. House Financial Services Committee Chair Maxine Waters (D-CA), U.S. House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), and U.S. Senate Banking Committee Chair Sherrod Brown (D-OH), have also been invited to speak.

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