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Campaign Outlines Priorities for Biden Transition Team

The Opportunity Starts at Home multi-sector affordable homes campaign sent a memo to President-elect Biden and his transition team, urging the new administration to address affordable housing challenges for people with the greatest needs within its first 100 days in office. Throughout the presidential campaign, President-elect Biden focused on the importance of affordable housing and articulated a robust housing plan which aligns with many of the campaign’s priorities. As the incoming administration seeks to fulfill its campaign pledge of “building back better,” housing affordability should be considered a top-tier urgent priority.

To address the most urgent housing needs during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Biden administration must work with Congress to immediately pass a coronavirus relief bill that includes:

  • $100 billion in emergency rental assistance
  • National, uniform eviction moratorium
  • At least $11.5 billion in homeless assistance funding
  • $26 billion for 500,000 new Housing Choice Vouchers

To promote housing stability over the long run, the Biden administration must work with Congress to:

  • Dramatically expand rental assistance so that every qualified household receives help
  • Dramatically expand the supply of housing affordable to the lowest income people
  • Create a permanent Emergency Assistance Fund that would offer short-term financial assistance and stability services to help households facing economic shocks

To read the campaign’s transition memo, please click here.

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