Campaign Releases New Podcast Episode on the Role of Landlords in Housing Discrimination

The Opportunity Starts at Home (OSAH) campaign has released a new podcast episode, “The Role of Landlords in Housing Discrimination.” The episode – the thirty-fifth in OSAH’s podcast series – features a discussion with Eva Rosen, an assistant professor at Georgetown University’s McCourt School of Public Policy; Philip Garboden, a professor in Affordable Housing Economics, Policy, and Planning at the University of Hawaii Manoa; and Jennifer Cossyleon, a senior policy and advocacy manager at Community Change Action.

In the episode, the three participants discuss an article they published jointly in 2021 in the American Sociological Review, “Racial Discrimination in Housing: How Landlords Use Algorithms and Home Visits to Screen Tenants.” The conversation explores their mixed methods approach to research, the different types of landlords operating in the housing rental market, inequitable screening practices, the importance of understanding intersectional discrimination, and what an equitable approach to matching landlords and tenants might look like.

Listen to the podcast episode here.