Campaign Welcomes New State Partners

The Opportunity Starts at Home multisector affordable homes campaign is pleased to announce two new state partners – Housing Action Illinois and Prosperity Indiana – have joined the campaign. Both organizations were recently selected through the campaign’s “Endorsement Application,” which enables state-level organizations pursuing multi-sector efforts focused on housing policy to earn a formal endorsement from the national campaign.

Each organization, both already state partners of NLIHC, is now considered a formal state partner of its national campaign and is working to broaden its state’s housing coalition to other sectors such as healthcare, education, civil rights, anti-poverty, and more.  These multi-sector partnerships will be leveraged to influence national policymakers who represent the state to advance more robust and equitable federal housing policies.  In their applications, Housing Action Illinois and Prosperity Indiana each demonstrated a strong track record of bringing non-housing groups into the work of housing advocacy and a readiness to engage its federal delegation around the campaign’s policy priorities.

Housing Action Illinois and Prosperity Indiana will be joining the campaign’s original state partners in California, Idaho, Maine, New Jersey, Ohio, Oregon, and Utah.  As new partners, they will participate in peer-to-peer learning with the other states and will gain access to resources, networks, and technical assistance from the national campaign. 

IL Housing Action

Prosperity, Indiana

"We are thrilled to welcome both Housing Action Illinois and Prosperity Indiana as state partners of the Opportunity Starts at Home campaign,” said National Campaign Director Mike Koprowski. “Together, we will build a broad-based movement to end housing poverty and homelessness.”

 “Where you live affects everything in your life, from your job and education to your health and ability to raise a family,” said Housing Action Illinois Executive Director Sharon Legenza. “Housing Action Illinois is excited to join this campaign because working across sectors is essential to creating communities where everyone can thrive.”

 “By uniting housing advocates with multisector partners dedicated to improving health, social justice, and economic mobility, we will build stronger communities that benefit all Hoosiers,” said Prosperity Indiana Executive Director Jessica Love. “We are excited to expand our alliance and build on the momentum of this national movement to ensure more Americans have the opportunity to prosper with access to safe, stable affordable housing."

The campaign’s “Endorsement Application” remains open to state-level organizations engaged in building multi-sector partnerships to advance stronger affordable housing solutions.  Learn more here.