Census Launches Household Pulse Survey

The U.S. Census Bureau, in collaboration with five federal agencies, began administering a Household Pulse Survey to collect data on household experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic. The survey collects data on household employment, food security, health status, housing security, and educational disruptions. The Census Bureau will collect and disseminate new data each week. Data are reported on the national and state level and will allow for comparisons over time.

The survey assesses housing security by asking whether respondents paid last month’s rent or mortgage on time and how confident they are that they will be able to pay next month’s rent or mortgage on time. The results are striking. During the second week of data collection (May 7 – May 12), 17% of renter households reported not paying last month’s rent. Among renter households making less than $25,000 per year, 25% did not pay last month’s rent. Additionally, 33% of all renters and 49% of renters making less than $25,000 per year reported having no confidence or slight confidence in their ability to pay next month’s rent.

Information on the survey, along with interactive tools and data tables, can be accessed at: https://census.gov/householdpulsedata