“The Challenge of Voting While Homeless”: Our Homes, Our Votes 2020 Webinar on July 16

Explore “The Challenge of Voting While Homeless” during the next NLIHC Our Homes, Our Votes 2020 webinar on July 16 at 3 pm ET and learn what advocates, shelter providers, and outreach agencies can do to ensure that people experiencing homelessness can and do vote. Register for this webinar and NLIHC’s entire 15-month “Third Thursdays at Three” webinar and podcast series on nonpartisan voter and candidate engagement, free to the public, at: https://bit.ly/2Luj0F3

NLIHC’s Our Homes, Our Votes: 2020 provides training and resources to resident leaders, housing providers, social service professionals, community organizers, and others on key aspects of effective voter engagement. The “Third Thursdays at Three” webinar series is a 15-part effort to explore best practices, new ideas, and legal considerations for 501(c)(3) nonpartisan election engagement on issues such as voter registration, candidate engagement, election education, and getting out the vote. Our sessions have involved experts from Nonprofit VOTE, the League of Women Voters, Alliance for Justice, Colorado Coalition for the Homeless, Arizona Housing Coalition, Michigan Coalition Against Homelessness, Johnathan Rose Companies, and many others. View recordings of previous sessions (1-10) on our website.

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Upcoming topics in the “Third Thursdays at Three” series include:

Session 11

The Challenge of Voting While Homeless

Thursday, July 16 at 3 pm ET

This session explores best practices for homeless shelters and outreach agencies increasing voter registration and mobilization for people who do not have an address. As the National Coalition for the Homeless says, “You don’t need a home to vote,” but there can be confusion among election officials on how best to register someone with no address and how to assign them to a polling location.

Session 12

Voter Mobilization Part 1 – Early Voting and Vote-by-Mail

Thursday, August 20 at 3 pm ET

More votes each year are cast before Election Day, providing voter engagement campaigns with a longer window to get out the vote (GOTV). This session will review how to best m maximize early voting opportunities and increase voter turnout in states with expanded vote-by-mail options.

Session 13

Voter Mobilization Part 2 – Protecting Low-Income People from Voter Intimidation and Voter Caging Tactics

Thursday, September 17 at 3 pm ET

Presenters will explore community efforts to staff polling locations with well-trained volunteers to protect against intimidation efforts. Ultimately, educating voters in advance about going to the polls even if they have been told their registration is not current is the best practice, along with ensuring that everyone casts at least a provisional ballot. The discussion will also highlight the importance of establishing relationships with election officials who monitor polling locations in advance of Election Day.

Session 14

Election Day! Getting Out the Vote

Thursday, October 15, 2020 at 3 pm ET

Presenters will review the most effective Election Day get-out-the-vote practices such as coordinating rides to the polls, hosting “walk to the polls” groups in low-income housing communities with nearby polling locations, using snacks and music to keeping people in line at busy polling locations, and using Election Day visibility volunteers with signs reminding people  to vote. The discussion will also explore effective “knock-and-drag” efforts throughout Election Day for identifying who has not yet voted and sending volunteers to their doors.

Session 15

After the Vote—Holding Candidates to their Promises

Thursday, November 19, 2020 at 3 pm ET

Once the election is over, it is important to hold candidates to their promises. Learn how to track the success of your voter turnout efforts to demonstrate to newly elected officials that low-income renters are an important and active constituency. Presenters will discuss the best ways to constructively remind elected officials of their campaign promises while establishing relationships with new legislative staff members.

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