CoCs Urged to Fund Full Range of Projects Serving People Fleeing Domestic Violence

Housing and Urban DevelopmentHUD Deputy Assistant Secretary for Special Needs Ann Marie Oliva issued a “SNAPS in Focus” message on July 25. Ms. Oliva stated that an array of projects serving people fleeing domestic violence are critical to a comprehensive homeless services system “regardless of component type.” She wrote that each component type - transitional housing, rapid re-housing, and permanent supportive housing for survivors - can and should have a place in a community’s system.

As Continuums of Care (CoCs) make local funding decisions related to the FY16 CoC Program Competition, Ms. Oliva urged them to engage local victim service providers to ensure a balanced approach that considers each of the component types. She also listed a number of issues for CoCs to consider when making local decisions, such as:

  • Geographic coverage, particularly in rural areas;
  • Program outcomes, recognizing that survivors often need longer timeframes to gain stability and move to permanent housing;
  • Program design, such as trauma-informed practices and a housing-first orientation;
  • Maintaining the same number of units when reallocating resources from a low-performing project to another project.

“SNAPS in Focus” is at