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Congressional Hispanic Caucus Opposes Cuts to Housing Benefits

Members of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus sent a letter to HUD Secretary Ben Carson expressing their concerns with the Trump administration’s proposal to cut housing benefits and increase rents on low income households and the impact such changes would have on Latinos and other communities of color. Under the administration’s proposal, low income families receiving federal housing benefits would pay an even greater share of their incomes on rent. Instead of taking away housing benefits; the lawmakers urge, HUD should implement recent bipartisan reforms that encourage work and strengthen existing programs that promote educational and vocational training and hiring.

The letter states, “Latinos participating in our nation’s affordable housing programs will derive no greater benefit from raising monthly rents or reducing income deductions. In fact, if enacted, the proposal will have the exact opposite effect. The proposition of raising monthly rent…will force Latino and Hispanic families to take already limited money away from other important household expenditures like educational attainment, health and childcare, food, and investment in career advancement. [I]ncreasing tenants’ monthly rent burden will inevitably lead to non-payment or delinquency that will turn the most vulnerable of the Latino and Hispanic community towards eviction and homelessness.”

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