Design Challenge: Home Today, Home Tomorrow

AARP, AARP Foundation, Home Matters® and Wells Fargo Housing Foundation are accepting submissions for a new nationwide design challenge entitled “Re-defining Home: Home Today, Home Tomorrow.” The competition seeks replicable housing designs to meet the housing needs of Americans throughout the entirety of their lives.

The goal of the design challenge is to incorporate universal design elements to build an attractive, adaptable, and affordable home of the future that promotes aesthetically and functionally appealing designs for better living. New affordable standards in housing design are sought that serve residents well throughout their various life stages: from entering the workforce, getting married, having a family, and sending children to college to becoming a grandparent, pursuing new passions, careers and hobbies, and enjoying retirement.

Monetary awards will be made to three winning entries. The first-place winning design will be incorporated into an actual home and publically unveiled to provide an experiential learning opportunity for the general public.

Learn more about the design challenge at: