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DHCR Publishes Disaster Recovery Priorities for FY18 Spending Bill

The NLIHC-led Disaster Housing Recovery Coalition (DHCR) published its top disaster recovery priorities for Congress to include in any final FY18 omnibus spending bill. Congress may begin debate on the spending bill as early as March 14, although House and Senate leaders are grappling with several controversial policy riders that could delay enactment.

The top disaster recovery priorities include directing FEMA to work with HUD to stand up the Disaster Housing Assistance Program, which provides low income survivors with the stable housing they need to get back on their feet. Other priorities include extending the use of Transitional Shelter Assistance, promoting job opportunities for low income residents, rebuilding federally assisted housing on a one-for-one basis, and requiring states to meet the housing needs of homeowners, renters, and people experiencing homelessness, among others.

We encourage advocates to include these priorities as they continue to reach out to congressional offices about FY18 spending.

See the DHRC’s top disaster housing recovery priorities for the FY18 spending bill at: