Engage Your Members of Congress During August Recess!

It is critical for advocates to engage directly with policymakers to urge them to take action to address the issues of housing affordability and homelessness – and there is no better time for this engagement than during the congressional recess when senators and representatives are back in their home states and districts. The Senate is on recess from August 5 to September 9, and the House is on recess starting July 29.

To help you in these efforts, NLIHC created an advocacy toolkit with key information about areas where advocates can help influence important issues before Congress. The toolkit includes a list of our three most urgent priorities, as well as legislation NLIHC supports.

We hope you will use the upcoming congressional recess to urge your members of Congress to take action, cosponsor bills, and champion affordable housing solutions for the lowest-income people.

The advocacy toolkit is available at: https://tinyurl.com/y3o3xp8q