Eviction Lab Releases Data Tool to Track Evictions

The Eviction Lab at Princeton University recently launched the Eviction Tracking System (ETS), which tracks the number of eviction filings 11 U.S. cities. The ETS provides weekly updates of eviction filing counts and percent changes from the last week and last four weeks. Detailed reports are available for each city. These reports provide information on local eviction moratoriums, comparisons of eviction filings relative to pre-COVID averages, eviction filings by geography, and eviction filings by demographic.

Preliminary data show that eviction moratoriums have been effective. Cities with eviction moratoriums experienced far fewer eviction filings during months when the moratorium was in place compared to pre-COVID averages. Despite this, the ETS team expects to see a large rise in evictions in the coming weeks as eviction moratoriums expire and assistance funds run out. After Cleveland’s eviction moratorium ended on June 15th, filings the following week were up 38% compared to the average.

The Eviction Lab intends to add more cities to the ETS as the project grows. The lab welcomes individuals who have information on eviction data in their city to reach to [email protected].

The Eviction Tracking System can be accessed at: https://evictionlab.org/eviction-tracking/