Final HUD Rule on Housing Counselor Certification Webinar, May 2

The HUD Office of Housing Counseling will present a webinar for NLIHC members on May 2 at 2:00 pm ET on the Final Rule on Housing Counselor Certification, which became effective on January 13, 2017. Housing counselor certification may affect your program even if you are not currently participating in the HUD Housing Counseling Program. This webinar will help you understand the housing counselor certification requirements and discuss options for meeting them. Register for the webinar at

If you provide housing counseling services under HUD programs like HOME, CDBG, Housing Choice Voucher Ownership Option, or Family Self-Sufficiency, your program may be covered by the new housing counselor certification requirement. Housing counseling provided about HUD programs must be performed only by certified housing counselors who work for organizations approved to participate in HUD’s Housing Counseling Program. This webinar will cover the definition of housing counseling, what is not housing counseling, the new certification/examination requirements, programs that are affected, and options for meeting the new certification standards. 

More information on the Housing Counselor Certification final rule, with a list of HUD programs affected and FAQs, is at: