Full Committee to Hold Field Hearing on the Homelessness Crisis in Los Angeles

The House of Financial Services will be holding a Full Committee Field Hearing entitled “Examining the Homelessness Crisis in Los Angeles.” The hearing will take place on August 14 at 10 am PDT (1 pm ET) in the California African American Museum and will be broadcasted live. Financial Services Committee members, state and local officials, experts, and advocates will be discussing important legislation such as “Homeless Data Access,” “Tribal Eligibility for Homelessness Assistance Act of 2019,” H.R. 2398 to expand eligibility for the HUD-VASH program, and “Fostering Stable Housing Opportunities Act of 2019” and H.R. 1856 “Ending Homelessness Act of 2019.” View the live hearing at: https://tinyurl.com/y32adm7w

Witnesses are:

Panel I

  • Christina Miller, deputy mayor for City Homeless Initiatives, Office of Los Angeles Mayor
  • Peter Lynn, executive director, Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority
  • Margarita Lares, chief program officer, Housing Authority of the City of Los Angeles
  • Monique King-Viehland, executive director, Los Angeles County Development Authority
  • Kevin Murray, former state senator and president and CEO, The Weingart Center

Panel II

  • Tim Watkins, president and chief executive officer, Watts Labor Community Action Committee,
  • Joe Horiye, western region program vice president, Local Initiatives Support Corporation
  • Becky Dennison, executive director, Venice Community Housing
  • Isela Gracian, president, East LA Community Corporation
  • Anthony Haynes, Speak Up! advocate, Corporation for Supportive Housing
  • Erika Hartman, chief program officer, Downtown Women’s Center
  • Chancela Al-Mansour, executive director, Housing Rights Center

Panel III

  • Eric Garcetti, mayor, City of Los Angeles