Getting Out the Vote, Voterization Webinar

I Voted! Housing and the Election!The presidential election is everywhere. It seems to be on every screen, in every paper, and finding a spot in every conversation. Despite the ceaseless attention on the 2016 general election, it is likely that fewer than half of voting-eligible renters will vote on or before November 8. Presidential election years of 2008 and 2012 were considered to have high-turnout rates, and they achieved 62.2% and 58.6% voter participation, respectively. For renters, turnout rates for those same elections were only 42.4% and 40.5%, according to the U.S. Census Bureau’s Current Population Survey.

NLIHC’s Voterization effort informs organizations and community groups interested in registering voters, engaging with candidates, and most importantly, getting voters to the polls. The final presentation in the 2016 Voterization webinar series will be “Mobilization: Getting Out the Vote,” on Thursday, September 15, at 2:00pm ET.

The webinar will cover producing strong Get Out the Vote (GOTV) materials, using voter registration lists to conduct phone banks leading up to Election Day, and coordinating rides to the polls for people with disabilities or transit access issues. Attendees will also learn about common challenges voters face with regard to ID requirements or voting without a permanent residence. The presentation will also discuss key considerations for states that allow early voting and voting by mail.

In case you missed it: our first two webinars—“Understanding and Overcoming the Challenges of Voter Registration” and “Voter Education and Candidate Engagement”—are available to be viewed online at PowerPoint slides of both presentations are available in addition to the recordings. NLIHC also offers its Voterization Plan and Voterization Narrative Guide as resources to support the work of housing organizations engaging in electoral activities.

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