Grounded Solutions Network Releases Inclusive Growth Toolkit

Grounded Solutions Network released a new resource, What about Housing? A Policy Toolkit for Inclusive Growth, on November 30.  The toolkit aims to help communities understand housing policies that promote inclusion and the approaches that work best for their local context.

Unlike many other housing policy toolkits, What about Housing? is intended to be used primarily as a decision-making tool. Using the toolkit, community leaders and policymakers can start with local dynamics—their community’s housing situation and the outcomes they want to achieve—and determine which policy tools best suit their needs. The toolkit then provides links to additional resources for more detail on each policy tool.

As federal support for housing programs has shrunk, the need for local policy tools to prevent displacement and improve housing affordability and access has never been greater. What about Housing? aims to empower community leaders to take local action to ensure their communities grow inclusively.