HUD Announces $5 Billion in Community Development Block Grants for Disaster Recovery for Texas

HUD announced on November 17 that will allocate $5.024 billion of Community Development Block Grant-Disaster Relief (CDBG-DR) funding to the state of Texas from the $7.4 billion that was appropriated by Congress in the first disaster spending bill. The remainder of the appropriation will likely be allocated to some combination of Florida, Georgia, California, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands after damage assessments have been completed in those areas. NLIHC has received indications that White House will send an additional CDBG-DR request to Congress for Hurricane Maria damage to Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands once damage assessments are completed, which will likely not be until early 2018. Congress requires HUD to issue a Federal Register Notice to accompany the CDBG-DR allocation; NLIHC has been informed that that Notice is forthcoming and will be similar to the notice issued after the 2016 disasters. If HUD were to make any changes to the public comment period or to the income targeting requirements for the funding, they would do so through the Federal Register Notice.