HUD Announces Actions Relating to Native Americans

HUD recently announced three actions relating to Native Americans: the release of an improved Tribal government-to-government consultation policy, the release of a draft plan to establish a Tribal Intergovernmental Advisory Committee, and the impending release of a draft report on housing needs in Indian country.

The tribal consultation policy announced on June 23 recognizes the right of Indian tribes to self-government and supports tribal sovereignty and self-determination. The policy guide is intended to enhance communication and coordination between HUD and federally recognized Indian tribes. It outlines guiding principles and procedures for HUD employees regarding Indian and Alaska Native tribes. The policy was revised after regional consultations with tribes and a national comment period to discuss and inform the policy.

The purpose of the proposed Tribal Intergovernmental Advisory Committee is to facilitate communication between HUD and tribal leaders regarding all HUD programs, make recommendations to HUD regarding current program regulations, provide advice when HUD develops American Indian and Alaska Native housing priorities, and encourage peer learning and capacity building among tribes and non-tribal entities. HUD announced the proposal on June 23 and seeks comments by July 23.

Lastly, HUD announced it will release a draft report on July 7 detailing the findings and recommendations of a study of housing needs in Indian Country mandated by Congress. Only tribal leaders, Indian housing officials, and tribal Institutional Review Boards will receive a draft of the report, and only they will be able to offer comments. According to a letter dated June 20 from HUD Assistant Secretary for Policy Development and Research Katherine O’Regan, HUD will accept comments until August 23.

The Tribal Government-to-Government Consultation Policy is at:

The plan to establish a new Tribal Intergovernmental Advisory Committee is at:

The letter announcing the report on housing needs in Indian Country is at: