HUD Awards $5 Million to Public Housing Agencies to Install Carbon Monoxide Detectors

HUD awarded $5 million to public housing agencies (PHAs) to purchase and install carbon monoxide (CO) detectors in public housing units, the first time it has done so. The source is HUD's Capital Fund Emergency/Natural Disaster program. Each year, Congress sets aside funds within the public housing Capital Fund appropriation as a reserve for emergencies and non-presidentially declared natural disasters. HUD has $20 million available for FY20. ​

A HUD media release lists the PHAs receiving these resources.

HUD announced its intention to make CO detectors mandatory in federally assisted housing where there are combustion-based appliances and/or an attached garage. HUD sent a notice to all PHAs and private owners of HUD-subsidized housing reminding and encouraging them to install CO detectors in their properties if not already required by state and local law (see Memo, 4/22/19).

More about public housing is on page 4-25 of NLIHC’s 2019 Advocates’ Guide.