HUD Issues Request for Comments Regarding HUD Administrative Burdens on Residents When Accessing and Keeping Housing Assistance

HUD published a Request for Comments in the Federal Register on July 13 seeking input from the public regarding the burdens faced when applying or maintaining eligibility for HUD’s housing programs. HUD requirements often entail completing and submitting a variety of forms to determine eligibility for assistance. HUD recognizes that its administrative requirements and paperwork burdens disproportionately fall on the most vulnerable people and prevent them from accessing benefits for which they are legally eligible. HUD states that responses will assist the department in identifying, understanding, and reducing administrative burdens connected to HUD housing programs, thereby helping HUD advance its mission. HUD is also inviting comments from local and state entities that administer HUD programs. Comments are due by August 14.

HUD is interested in hearing about individuals’ experiences related to applying for or accessing HUD programs and services, as well as experiences related to maintaining eligibility for those programs and services, which might include activities such as ongoing reporting requirements or recertification activities. HUD is interested in understanding burdens associated with completing or submitting specific forms or sets of forms, as well as suggestions for opportunities to improve a form or experience by improving the requirements, phrasing, design, or associated processes connected to the form.

While HUD welcomes all relevant comments, its request also poses a number of specific questions, such as:

  • Is information currently being collected by HUD or HUD program administrators that has no apparent use or benefit, or that can be streamlined?
  • Are eligibility requirements or questions on a form that are difficult to understand or respond to?
  • Does a form have documentation features that could be made simpler or be required less frequently?
  • Are there specific challenges for people with physical, speech, or other communication-related disabilities?
  • Are there specific challenges for people with limited English proficiency?
  • Are data currently collected by other programs or agencies that if shared with HUD or administrators of HUD programs could reduce the information collection burden of HUD’s programs?

The Federal Register version of the Request for Comments is at:

An easier-to-read version of the Request for Comments is at: