HUD Launches “Our Way Home” Initiative to Promote Local Efforts to Address Housing Shortage

HUD Secretary Marcia L. Fudge introduced a new initiative, “Our Way Home,” on June 1. The initiative builds on the Biden administration’s “Housing Supply Action Plan” (see Memo 5/16), which aims to close the housing supply gap within five years, with support from legislative action. As part of the initiative, HUD hosted several “Day of Action” events in each of the 10 HUD regions on June 1 and 2. HUD regional administrators hosted events to discuss housing supply challenges and hear from local leaders in Colchester, VT; Jersey City, NJ; Wilmington, DE; Birmingham, AL; Milwaukee, WI; Albuquerque, NM; Omaha, NE; Westminster, CO; Los Angeles, CA; and Boise, ID. The agency also created an “Our Way Home” website to track HUD programs that build and preserve homes.

Secretary Fudge intends for the “Our Way Home” initiative to build upon the Biden administration’s Housing Supply Action Plan. The Plan includes a series of measures designed to increase the supply of housing over the next five years, including (1) using federal transportation funds to incentivize jurisdictions to reduce restrictive local zoning laws; (2) supporting manufactured housing, accessory dwelling units, and small-scale developments; and (3) streamlining federal financing and funding sources to help lower costs and speed development. The “Our Way Home” initiative brings this plan to life by convening roundtables, listening sessions, and peer learning opportunities to connect communities with HUD leadership and resources and to highlight success stories in communities that have preserved or increased affordable housing. Specifically, the initiative will highlight stories involving local governments that have worked to:

  • Create permanent housing with services for vulnerable populations, including those experiencing homelessness, seniors, and persons with disabilities.
  • Advance fair housing by ensuring families have access to affordable housing in communities of their choice.
  • Build housing connected with transit and new infrastructure investments, so all families have a direct connection to economic opportunities.
  • Use innovative and sustainable building strategies in order to scale cost-efficient models and create homes and communities that are resilient.

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