HUD PIH Extends Date for PHAs to Apply for Landlord-Incentive MTW Cohort

HUD’s Office of Public and Indian Housing (PIH) issued Notice PIH 2021-19 on June 17 extending until October 15 the deadline for public housing agencies (PHAs) to apply to participate in the Landlord-Incentive Cohort (i.e., Cohort #4) of the Moving to Work (MTW) Demonstration Expansion.

PIH published Notice PIH 2021-03 on January 7, inviting PHAs to apply for the Landlord Incentive Cohort (see Memo, 1/25). In order to be entered into a lottery to be considered for the Landlord Incentive Cohort, an applicant PHA must meet the eligibility requirements listed in sections 5(B)(i)(a)-(d) of Notice PIH 2021-03 (an MTW Plan and application package) as of the new submission deadline of September 17. Those selected through the lottery will be offered MTW designation under Cohort #4. Evaluation of Cohort #4 will be conducted by an independent research team that will compare outcomes for PHAs that were selected and PHAs that were not selected through the lottery.

Notice PIH 2021-03 describes the process by which 30 PHAs will be selected for Cohort #4, which will evaluate landlord incentives and their effect on landlord participation in the Housing Choice Voucher program. PIH identified seven MTW activities in the MTW Operations Notice (see Memo, 8/31/20) that have the potential to act as landlord incentives. In addition, two Cohort Specific MTW Waivers are available for PHAs. Together, the MTW Operations Notice and Cohort Specific MTW Waivers are referred to as the “Cohort #4 MTW Activities List.” PHAs in Cohort #4 must implement at least two activities from the Cohort #4 MTW Activities List and vet those proposed waivers through a required resident engagement and public comment and review process.

NLIHC prepared a summary of key provisions of the Landlord Incentives Notice.

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