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HUD PIH Extends Deadline to Apply for "Extraordinary Circumstances" Voucher Funding

HUD is extending to March 31, 2021 the time public housing agencies (PHAs) have to apply for Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) Housing Assistance Payment (HAP) supplemental assistance in the Extraordinary Circumstances (EC) category provided by the CARES Act. Assistant Secretary for Public and Indian Housing (PIH) Hunter Kurtz announced the extension via email to PHA directors on November 2. The email notes that as of November 1, PHAs received $350 million of the $400 million made available through Notice PIH 2020-17 (see Memo, 8/10). The previous deadline was October 31.

The CARES Act appropriated $1.25 billion in supplemental funding for the HCV program to prepare for, prevent, and respond to the coronavirus pandemic, and to help PHAs maintain normal operations and take other necessary actions during the pandemic. Of that $1.25 billion, the Act set aside $400 million for supplemental HAP funding for the HCV program for PHAs that experience a significant increase in voucher per-unit costs due to “extraordinary circumstances” or that would otherwise be required to terminate vouchers as a result of insufficient funding (Shortfall Funds).

Of the $1.25 billion, another $850 million was set aside for additional administrative fee funding and other expenses PHAs might incur with their HCV programs. PIH posted Notice PIH-2020-18 on July 31 implementing the second and final administrative fee funding set-aside (see Memo, 8/10).

Under the “Extraordinary Circumstances” category, PHAs that experience a significant increase in voucher per-unit costs in calendar year 2020 may apply for assistance, now until March 31, 2021 (extended from October 31, 2020). PHAs are likely experiencing such increased costs because many residents are experiencing reduced income due to fewer hours at their jobs or due to losing their job as a result of the pandemic. PHAs have until December 31, 2021 to spend these funds (a timeline extended from June 30, 2021 by Notice PIH 2020-24 (see Memo, 9/21).

The November 2 email is at:

More information about the Housing Choice Voucher program is on page 4-1 of NLIHC’s 2020 Advocates’ Guide.