HUD Releases Notice of Funding Opportunity for Eviction Prevention Program

HUD released a notice of funding opportunity on July 20 for the Eviction Protection Grant Program. The program will provide $20 million in financial support to experienced legal service providers across the country to provide free legal assistance to low-income tenants facing eviction. This grant program helps individuals and families, including people of color, people with limited English proficiency, and people with disabilities—all of whom disproportionately face eviction—avoid eviction or minimize the disruption and damage caused by the eviction process.

In addition to legal representation, the grant can be used for:

  • Navigation and assistance responding to court actions, such as assistance filing forms
  • Creating and promoting eviction diversion programs
  • Assistance filing eviction-related fair housing complaints
  • Assistance to tenants navigating the eviction process, including paperwork to arrange school transfers or allow children to remain at their current school, arrangements for continuation of healthcare, access to resources to obtain stable housing, among other uses
  • Referrals to other service providers like case workers to obtain rental assistance, counselors for housing or financial counseling, Emergency Rental Assistance Program (ERAP) programs, health care services, and related stabilizing measures to help tenants avoid or mitigate the negative impacts of eviction
  • Education and outreach to tenants on their rights related to eviction, available resources, and the eviction process

The deadline for government and nonprofit entities to apply is September 8.

Additional information is at: