HUD Updates Status of Multifamily Properties in Disaster Areas

HUD’s Office of Multifamily Housing Programs provided stakeholders with a status report on privately owned HUD-assisted properties in areas hit by Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria.  As of February 22, HUD has completed site visits to properties in Florida, Georgia, and Texas.  HUD is still gathering information about vacant or uninhabitable units in Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. Still in “recovery mode,” HUD Multifamily has recovery plans from most owners in Georgia and Texas, while owners are still working on recovery plans in Florida, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands.

Texas has 454 Multifamily properties; 13% suffered moderate-to-severe damage. Eighty-two of the properties have not returned to “full operational mode,” which can mean not all of the residents have returned to their homes because the properties are still undergoing repairs.

Georgia has 62 Multifamily properties; 3% suffered moderate-to-severe damage. All have returned to normal operations.

Florida has 910 Multifamily properties; 11% suffered moderate-to-severe damage. One hundred and seventy-three properties are still not fully operational, and only ten of these have approved recovery plans. HUD is still attempting to collect information about displaced residents.

Puerto Rico has 203 Multifamily properties; 34% suffered moderate-to-severe damage. Six of the 203 properties do not have permanent power; one has a generator serving the entire property, two have generators that serve only the office and common areas, and three have no generator. Only four properties are fully operational.

The Virgin Islands has 17 Multifamily properties; 65% suffered moderate-to-severe damage. Eight properties are fully operational, while one property has power only for the office and common areas.

HUD is planning meetings with property owners in Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands in early March.