HUD Videos Explain How to Use CDBG for Housing Activities

Dept. of Housing and Urban DevelopmentHUD has prepared six videos on using Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds for housing-related activities. The first video is a very brief introduction. The remaining five videos discuss: planning for the use of CDBG for housing, and considerations for leveraging CDBG with other resources; housing rehabilitation activities; homeowner activities; multifamily activities; and other activities that can be undertaken in connection with housing, as well as overarching considerations such as affirmatively furthering fair housing.

The videos offer an accessible introduction to the use of CDBG for housing-related activities. Advocates may wish to review them to be better prepared for urging their local and state governments to devote more CDBG for housing activities. Nationally, roughly 25% of CDBG is used annually for housing-related activities. In FY15, a typical year, the largest portion of CDBG devoted to housing was spent for single-family rehabilitation (12.6%). Other housing-related activities include: rehabilitation administration (3.3%), code enforcement (3.7%), multifamily housing (2.4%, up from 1.4% in FY14), and new construction (0.5%).

After viewing the videos, advocates serious about using CDBG for housing activities should consult the CDBG regulations (focusing on 24 CFR part 570.202, as well as:

The six videos are available at:

For more about CDBG, see page 8-3 of NLIHC’s 2016 Advocates’ Guide at: