HUD’s PIH Adds Chapters to Public Housing and Housing Choice Voucher Guidebooks

HUD’s Office of Public and Indian Housing (PIH) has begun to publish a revised Public Housing Occupancy Guidebook with three of eleven planned chapters, while continuing to add chapters to the Housing Choice Voucher Program Guidebook (see Memo, 6/17/19, 11/25/19). The three public housing chapters focus on income determinations, income reexaminations, and utilities. The two new voucher chapters are about utility allowances and special housing types.

The Housing Choice Voucher Guidebook webpage is at:

The Public Housing Guidebook webpage is at:

More information about Housing Choice Voucher program is on page 4-1 of NLIHC’s 2020 Advocates’ Guide.

More information about public housing is on page 4-30 of NLIHC’s 2020 Advocates’ Guide.