Join February’s Tenant Talk Live Webinar on International Models for Housing

NLIHC will host the next session of “Tenant Talk Live” – a webinar with and for renters and resident leaders – on Monday, February 6, at 6 pm ET. The webinar will include updates for tenants and a discussion with Hawaiʻi-based organizers who visited Finland last year to learn about international housing models, including the Housing First model. Register for the upcoming Tenant Talk Live webinar at:

Staff and advocates affiliated with Hawaiʻi Appleseed Center for Law & Economic Justice traveled to Finland in 2022 to learn more about international models of housing, including one used in the U.S. and known as “Housing First.” Both countries have implemented the model in different ways. Finland demonstrated its commitment to the model by very nearly ending street homelessness. The country’s government centered the voices of individuals with lived experience in its policymaking and disbursed government funds to build new rental housing and support demand in the rental market. In 2022 alone, Finland spent over $2.3 billion to construct more than 10,000 new affordable housing units. The Finnish model demonstrates that strong investments in affordable housing can be a powerful tool in ending homelessness. 

On the call, NLIHC staff will be joined by Kenna Stromogipson, housing policy director for Hawaiʻi Appleseed, and Aura Reyes, community leader and co-founder of Ka Po'e o Kaka'ako, to discuss the lessons learned about Housing First from their trip to Finland.

Attendees will also get a chance to learn more about recent developments in the federal housing space, including updates on civic engagement under tenant organizing accounts, HUD’s proposed “Affirmatively Further Fair Housing” (AFFH) rule, and the Biden-Harris administration’s blueprint to strengthen and enforce renter protections.

Remember: Tenant Talk Live would not be possible without tenants like you! We strive to connect and engage with tenants and tenant leaders through our webinars. If you are a low-income tenant and have a topic you would like to propose for an upcoming Tenant Talk Live, or if you would like to participate as a speaker on an upcoming call or webinar, please email: [email protected]

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