Join Framework for an Equitable Homelessness Response’s 4/20 Webinar on Interim Housing

Join the Framework for an Equitable Homelessness Response on Thursday, April 20, from 3 to 4:30 pm ET for the second webinar in its series on reimagining interim housing, “Reimagining Interim Housing: A Deeper Dive into Approaches and Transformation.”

The guidance recommendations of people with lived expertise of homelessness, and the lessons learned throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, make clear the need to create and seize opportunities to transform our approaches to sheltering people experiencing homelessness. In response to this clear need, the Framework for an Equitable Homelessness Response project partners released “Reimagining Interim Housing: Strategies and Action Areas for Transforming Approaches to Sheltering People Experiencing Homelessness” and “Tools for Strengthening Current Interim Housing Programs and Services” to provide recommended approaches for supporting, strengthening, and transforming critical elements of interim housing programs. 

Building on the lessons learned and topics covered during the Framework’s previous webinar, “Reimagining Interim Housing: Transforming Our Approaches to Sheltering People,” the April 20 webinar will feature project consultants Claudine Sipili, Rashema Melson, Shaundell Diaz, and Matthew Doherty and explore proposed stages and action areas for transforming approaches to sheltering unhoused people. The webinar will also provide guidance for partnering with people experiencing homelessness and for leading transformational efforts with a focus on racial justice and equity.

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